Introduction: Ford S-Max Galaxy Handbrake Lever Release Soft Feel Parking Hand Park Brake Mechanism Replacement New Cable Repair Fix Install Instruction Guide

The Problem

The handbrake lever fails to release when pressing the button

It is a common fault on these vehicles for the handbrake release button to fail so that the handbrake lever cannot be released. The usual symptom of this is that the release button can be pushed but the lever does not release. This is due to a cable snapping within this handbrake lever mechanism.

A thin cable runs from the spring-loaded button to a ratchet on the mechanism to release the lever, this cable is too thin for the application and operates around a tight bend. Inevitably the cable wears in this location and snaps.

Until now the only solution was to replace the whole mechanism, this is very expensive and will ultimately have the same design cable.

We have seen other sellers offer a cable the exact same as the OEM part. The OEM part is fed in place then a special tool is used to create the stop end. These OEM copy cables are extremely difficult to fit as they have the stop end preinstalled so the cable cannot be fed. We’ve never successfully installed one.

Symptoms of the fault

Handbrake lever stuck and won’t release, release button presses but won’t free up lever, handbrake jammed upright.

Vehicles affected and compatibility

Ford Galaxy MK3 2006−2015

Ford S-Max MK1 2006–2015

Associated part numbers:

1827879, 1502369, 1815010, 1827881

Our solution

Install our improved deign cable and restore release of the handbrake

Our improved design cable can be installed to repair the release function with no need to replace the whole handbrake lever mechanism at vast expense.

Unlike the OEM copy cables which are near impossible to fit our part is designed to be easily fed in the lever mechanism, install once the lever is off the vehicle is very simple please check out our video instructions.

Our part is a completely new design, improved in design to make replacing the broken cable far easier than ever before.

Our cable is a thicker wound stainless-steel cable. This feeds through the mechanism in to our precision CNC machined stop end part allowing the replacement cable to be easily installed restoring full function of the handbrake lever.

You will receive

1x Improved stainless steel cable with stop end

1X Precision CNC engineered cable receiver with fasteners

Step 1: Remove Soft Grip Handle

Lever up with a flat bladed screw driver and remove the soft grip handle.

Pry gently along the length of the handle both sides to lift out of position.

Levering the bottom corners of the leather top section of the handle (as shown) from both sides makes removal that much simpler.

Step 2: Remove Stop End From Button

Rotate and remove the stop end from the button mechanism.

Step 3: Remove Old Cable

You can see here where the cable tends to snap on the tight bend at the base of the mechanism.

Using pliers bend and remove the end of the old cable from the ratchet lever.

Pull upwards on the stop end and remove the other end of the snapped cable.

Step 4: Feed New Cable

Feed the new cable from the top of the mechanism.

Feed down the upright on the right hand side as shown so that the cable bends around the nylon bush at the base as shown.

Pull the cable through and push through the channel shown in the final image to the ratchet lever area.

Ensure that the cable sits at the base of this channel and doesn't rap around the internals of the channel.

We recommend applying grease to the tight bend on the nylon bush.

Step 5: Install Machined Ratchet Stop End

Push cable through our aluminum part as shown.

Fit aluminum part to ratchet lever and fasten with nut and bolt. We recommend using a tread lock compound on the bolt.

Step 6: Refit Soft Grip Handle

Push our stop end in to the recess on the button inside the handle.

Test button to check cable pulls back and forwards with button.

Orientate as shown and push handle back in to position.

Step 7: Fastern Cable in Aluminum Part

Compress the lever button (keep compressed) and pull the ratchet lever as far away from the ratchet as possible (the release position) keep the release button compressed and pull tight on the cable with the ratchet lever in the release position. Whilst doing this fasten the screw as tight as possible to grip the cable.

We recommend the use of a thread locking compound on the screw.

Release the lever button and the ratchet lever should spring back to the ratchet. Press the button and the lever should release.

Step 8: Cut Release Cable Excess

Using wire cutters cut the excess wire after the aluminum part.

This completes the repair you can now test the full function, pressing the button will release the ratchet and it will spring back once released so full function is restored.

This completes the repair. If you need any further guidance on this install or would like to purchase the parts shown please call us on +44 01843 446643 or email us at

Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube.

Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional. All images and texts are copyright X8R Ltd 2018.