Introduction: Forging the Legendary Blade of Evils Bane, the Master Sword

Hi guys! About the title, I'm not necessarily going to "Forge" an actual Iron sword. It Just sounds way better than make. That is way overused in my opinion. And also about how I was going to make a PVC one, I couldn't find the right size I wanted, so I found that using wood was much easier seeing as you can make your own design. I found this gunner than I thought it would be, and it used a little more strength than I thought as well. So here you are, enjoy!

Step 1: The Design

I looked up some of the designs on instructables and I found one I like a lot! (See the picture above) I especially liked the design of the wings. I did the blade myself, I went solo, it turned out really good!

Step 2: The Wood,

I got a long 1 in. thin 12ft long board. Then I drew the sword, only the sword, NOT THE WINGS! The cut it out with an electric saw, one with a small blade, about half an inch wide, and an inch and a half long. This is a picture of the blade, but the wings I cut out for show. ( They got destroyed) Then sanded the edges to make it sharp. Then, the real work begins.

Step 3: Fly Away Birdie!

Now we make the wings, before the original wings were, "creamated " or whatever, and got a piece of paper and folded it, drew the outlines of one side, and cut it out, and re-drew it on the wood, made it like a paper heart. Then I sawed it in half.

Step 4: Attachment 101

This is where it gets tricky, what I did to attach the wings was I put in some screws at an angle, it was hard, but I managed.

Step 5: Welcome Home Good Sword.

Then painting, you can brush it with paint or use spray paint, I liked spray paint best.

Step 6: ........ TA-DA!!!!!

Next I just glued some fake yellow jewels and wrapped some of the handle with a little green masking tape, then your done! Have fun, swing that sword, but gently, I can't predict if it will break or not. Enjoy.