Introduction: Formula Cans to Organizer

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With a baby at home empty formula cans seem to reproduce! So I've been using them for different things and this is one of my favorite uses because I love to have everything organized in my house.

Step 1: Materials

9 empty baby formula cans (same size)

Pink spray paint


1/2" wide transparent hose

Glue gun

Cold silicon


Clothes tweezers

Step 2: Extra Packaging

Remove any extra packaging your can might have, such as labels and lids. If your label is a big sticker it's not necessary to remove it.

Step 3: Paint

Put your cans on a big cardboard or an old tablecloth. Spray paint them in pink and give them 3 layers letting the paint dry between each.

Step 4: Drill

Drill two of your cans right in the center of the bottom part.

Step 5: Hose

Cut 9 pieces of hose long enough to cover the perimeter of your cans. Cut it lengthwise and place them in the upper part of your cans. Put some glue where the ends meet and place a tweezer to hold them in place until the glue sets.

This will let us use it without the possibility of getting a cut with the sharp edge, it also makes it kids friendly.

Step 6: Glue Together

Decide the design your organizer's going to have. Present it first on top of a table. Glue the cans together using the cold silicon. Hold them with the tweezers and wait for 4 hours before hanging it.

*The cans that we drilled before must be the ones on top and in the bottom of your design because you're going to be using these holes to secure it to the wall with nails.

Step 7: Ready!

When you hold the organizer from one can and all the others stay in place it's ready! If a can falls you might have missed a place with cold silicon. Glue it again with more silicon and let it dry for 4 hours more.

You can use it with scarves, socks, ties or anything else that comes to your mind!

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