Introduction: Fortnight Strategy


Fortnight is a competitive new game many have begun to play but struggle to get a hang of. The following guide is a multi-step solution to providing players with an easy and efficient way to consistently compete with others and place in the top 25 of each game. Although the guide is notfoolproof, it does address some of the key components often overlooked by other players. The guide address topics such as, "Landing Locations", "Load-out and Weaponry" and "Resources". The game mode focused on in this Instructable is the solo game mode.

Required Items:

  • Gaming console (This guide uses Xbox. PS4 and PC can also be used)
  • Gaming console headset
  • TV or PC monitor

Step 1: Landing Locations

A game of Battle Royale begins with all 100 players in the Battle Bus flying over the map. The map is the same for every game and consists of 18 named locations. In most games, the named locations have the highest chance of attracting other players. The landing locations presented below are separated based on the comfort level of the user. By focusing on these landing locations to start a game, players should feel comfortable in their ability to reach a spot in the top 25 players of the game.


For those of you trying Fortnight for the first time or for those who do not feel very skilled at the game, landing in a named location can be very intimidating. More often than not, multiple players will land in the named locations. Until you are more comfortable in your ability to manage one-on-one conflicts or outlast skilled opponents, I would emphasize landing in locations far from these named locations. Useful loot is not bound to named locations so landing in a remote location does not decrease the chance of obtaining loot capable of making you competitive.

Notable Landing Locations: (Circled Above)

  • East of Anarchy Acres - There are three sets of houses here with two houses at each. These houses are usually untouched and serve as a great location to land for beginner players. This location is relatively scarce on resources so beware of the difficulties that arise from this (See Resources section)
  • Motel - The motel serves as a good place for beginners as it has significant amounts of loot and a large stone deposit nearby. There are a significant amount of resources here for players in addition to the stone deposit. The downside for this landing location is the close proximity to Anarchy Acres which can bring with it advanced competitors.
  • Northeast of Flush Factory - This location has 5 large buildings and shipping containers that typically hold significant amounts of loot and large quantities of resources, the most prevalent being wood and metal. The downside to this position is the terrain of the location. The surrounding area is severely elevated and serves as a very easy vantage point for other competitors to see you.
  • Moisty Mire - This named location is the only named location beginners are encouraged to land at. This location gives relatively low amounts of loot relative to the area it takes up but provides a surplus of resources to players. The biggest downside to this location is the long duration of time it takes to loot and its proximity to the remainder of the map.


This section is for the players that are comfortable with landing with other players in close quarters and consistently making it out on top of the competition. These players will have a great understanding as to how the interior of buildings are structured and where the loot within them will be. This range of players is vast and accounts for the majority of players on Fortnight thus these locations typically have others landing there.

Notable Landing Locations:

  • Anarchy Acres/Fatal Fields - These two locations are close to mirrored images of each other. Both have a conglomeration of 6-8 buildings all of which provide loot and both serve as fantastic locations to obtain resources. The close proximity to a large portion of wooded areas and stone depots make resource and loot gathering quick and easy.
  • Snobby Shore - The Shore is a row of 5 large houses on the far east coast of the map. These houses have a massive amount of loot but lacks are real means for obtaining resources. These houses are very popular among players as it is a newer location from a recent game update but it is still a very manageable location to have success. The biggest downside to this location is its proximity to the remainder of the map.
  • Retail Row - Retail Row is a very balanced location that has a multitude of connected buildings. There is often a significant amount of loot in this town and has an abundance of resources in and around the buildings. Since this is a larger town relative to other locations, the drawback is the significant amount of competitors that may be joining you.


This section relates to highly skilled and experienced players. The locations provided below typically serve as a landing location for massive amounts of players and can prove to be very difficult for those not equipped with the skills or ability to survive.

Notable Landing Locations:

  • Tilted Towers - This is the single-most popular landing spot for Fortnight players currently. More often than not, upwards of 20-30 players can be expected to land here. The town exhibits an array of multi-floored high-rises and towers. The popularity of the location arises from the absurd amount of loot that can be found within the town limits.
  • Salty Springs - Another favorite by Fortnight players everywhere, Salty Springs can be expected in almost every game to be heavily populated. The close proximity to the center of the map is a very attractive feature to the landing location as is the excessive amount of loot present within the town. A lack of resources makes the town somewhat difficult to maneuver, however, the location and loot quality typically makes up for the resource deficit.

Step 2: The Loot: Weaponry and Load-out

Each player in Fortnight is allotted five inventory spots in which they are allowed to occupy with either a weapon, shield, or health pack. All items that can occupy these spots have a corresponding color which identify it's rank. The colors are as followed: gray, green, blue, purple, and gold. Those colors rank in order the common to most uncommon item colors in the game. As items increase in uncommonness, the more damage/effect they have. For example, a blue assault rifle will do more damage per bullet than a green assault rife will. A green med-pack heals for 100 health versus a bandage which heals for 15 health. NOTE: Not all items are discussed here, only the advised items.

It is up to each player to search the map for the items they wish to keep and often players will have to trade items in their load-outs in order to accommodate their style of play and needs. Items are found laying on the ground in houses and buildings. They can also be found in chests and supply drops, both of which have high chances of containing uncommon items. The following item guide is a series of lists and suggestions to players in order to ensure their best chance at success in reaching the final 25 players or better.


Assault Rifles - The available weapons in this section are the Assault Rifle, Burst-Assault Rifle and the SCAR. The first two rifles are found in gray, green, and blue versions. The SCAR is found in purple and gold. It should be noted that all players should carry an assault rifle at all times regardless of color. The assault rifle is a moderate to short ranged gun that does significant damage. Blue, purple, and gold assault rifles are coveted by experienced Fortnight players

Shotguns - The shotgun comes in two forms, pump and tactical. The pump shotgun is a five-round magazine that does massive damage to players at close range but has a very slow fire rate. The pump shotgun can be found in gray and green only. The tactical shotgun is an eight-round magazine that does slightly less damage compared to the pump at close ranges but makes up for it in a much higher fire rate and a larger assortment of commonality. The tactical shotgun can be found in green, blue, and purple. It is highly stressed that all players carry a shotgun with them at all times, regardless of color.

Snipers - There are two types of snipers in the game, the bolt-action and semi-automatic sniper. Both come in purple and gold while the bolt also features a blue version. The bolt-action is a 1-round clip while the semi-automatic is a 10-round clip. This gun is very powerful but takes some time to get use to and can be frustrating to beginners so beware.

Shield/Health - Each player has a shield and health gauge that goes from 0-100%. The items that provide shield and/or health are an essential part to player load-outs throughout the game as they provide life-extending measures to outlast other players. The items in this category are: full-shield which provide 50% per use, mini-shield which provide 25% shield per use, slurp juice which provides 25% shield and 25% health, med-kit which restores 100% health per use, bandage which restores 15% health per use, and chug-jug which provides 100% shield and health. Use of shield items is often frequent and can occur multiple times throughout a game therefore it is strongly recommended to keep shield available if possible

Step 3: Resources

Resources are the lifeblood of Fortnight and what separates it from all other games available. Players are able to harvest the terrain around them such as trees, stones, or buildings for one of the three resource types. Wood, stone, and metal are each resources found all over the Fortnight map and serve as building materials to the players that harvest them. This game feature is the single-most skill-separating component of the game. Players are capable of building walls, floors, and ramps with the resource they have harvested in order to assist in out-lasting other players.


  • Stick with wood and stone - Of the three resources available, the abundance of these two relative to metal is significant and should be taken into consideration when harvesting for resources. Large quantities of wood is easily accessible at nearly any point in the map. Large trees and wooden pallets should be the focal point for those looking to harvest wood quickly. Stone is also found in large quantities at stone depots scattered across the map. When in towns and cities where stones are scarce, stone building walls serve as a solid alternative.
  • Locationsof note - Stone deposits exist to the east and west of Fatal Fields, west of Anarchy Acres, East of Tomato Town. Although wood is found throughout the map, Wailing Woods and Moisty Mire are excellent sources of wood as it is incredibly abundant. The woods around both Pleasant Park and Shifty Shafts are also sufficient sources of wood in large quantities.
  • Reach 500 resources - Make an effort to obtain at least 500 wood/stone. Stone is preferred over wood as it can withstand more damage thus better protecting you. It is essential to have enough material in order to protect yourself from others.

Step 4: The Storm

As the game progresses the map slowly becomes constricted by a series of randomly placed circular areas of play. This map constriction forces players to consolidate towards a smaller and smaller common position. Those players caught outside the area of play take damage every second. As the circular area of play decreases in size, the damage taken by players outside the area of play increases.


  • Avoid the storm - Outliving opponents is hard enough so stay inside the storm to avoid unnecessary damage taken.
  • Get to the middle and survive! - Although the determination on the circular area of play is random, positioning yourself close to the center of the circle increases chances of being in the following circle and get ready to fight until the end.