Introduction: Fortune Teller

You will be making a fortune teller today and I'm going to help you out.

Materials: Paper and Pencil, or any writing utensil.

Warning: Be on the look out for paper cuts

Step 1:

Get a piece of paper if it is not yet a square paper follow to step 2, if it is a square paper go to step 5.

Step 2:

Hold the piece of paper vertical then grab the left top corner and bend 3/4 down and it should look like a triangle with a rectangle at the bottom.

Step 3:

Cut the rectangle off where you should only have the triangle.

Step 4:

Open the triangle.

Step 5:

The right top corner you are going to fold to the bottom left corner and the left top corner you are going to fold to the right bottom corner and open, you should have an X on your paper.

Step 6:

Bring all the corners into the middle and fold, you should now have a diamond.

Step 7:

Turn the paper to the other side ( back ) and repeat step 6 and instead of a diamond you should have a square.

Step 8:

Now fold it in half, the side with the squares should be out.

Step 9:

On the 4 squares write 4 different colors.

Step 10:

Now open and write numbers ( total of 8 numbers ) on each triangle, it can be any number.

Step 11:

Now open up each set of triangles and write something on the inside under each number , it can be anything for example: tomorrow you will get a cookie.

Step 12:

Close all the triangles back.

Step 13:

Fold it in half.

Step 14:

Put your left thumb and index finger on the 2 left triangles and your right thumb and index finger on the 2 right triangles.

Step 15:

You are done, enjoy your fortune teller.