Introduction: Fortune Teller

Today we are going to be making a fortune teller this is a fun little project so have fun with it and be creative


Printer paper and something to color with FLY NO MARKERS

Step 1: Fold Like a Triangle

The first thing u want to do it get your printer paper after you have your paper fold it from a corner at a 90 degree angle if u see you have left over paper like the picture above your doing it correctly some People have the right size paper so you won’t see the extra paper so u won’t need to do that

Step 2: You Will Need a Scissor or You Can Use Your Hands

After u folded it bend that piece of paper that’s the left over to the front and to the back ten times FYI you don’t need to do 10 times on EACH side once you did that 10 times hold one side of the paper and with your other hand start pulling it would look like almost like your writing or u can cut it with the scissors but be careful you may mess it up

Step 3: Start Folding It All Different Ways

Once you have a real square your going to start folding it diagonal on both sides fold from sides to sides untill u have four lines on the paper

Step 4: It Would Look Like This

That’s how it would look once you fold it if it doesn’t look anything like mine you may want to start over or watch some other videos

Step 5: Next Step

After you did all that your going to get every corner and fold it in the middle and it would look like that at the top

Step 6: Nexttt

After you did that DONT OPEN IT YET flip it over and fold it again but other side

Step 7: Last Part

After that pick it up do not unfold it pick it up an then fold it inwards and then u would see some flaps put your thumbs in the bottom two and your pointer finger at the top two and then fix it to make it look like a fortune teller once u did that u can put anything in there and color

Step 8: Hope U Liked It

If u got it I’m proud be creative with whatever you put in there make as many as you want and we have lots of time to do this hoped you liked this :)