Introduction: Fortuneteller

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A fun way to tell a fortune with paper.

Step 1: Folding

First you have to make a perfect square so fold over one end look at the picture

Step 2: Fold Back

See picture. On the end that isn't folded fold it over the one that is

Step 3: Making the Square

Lick or cut off the smaller end of the paper so you get a square

Step 4: Fold Over

On the opposite side ( not where the line is) fold over So you have four triangles

Step 5: Fold In

Now fold in all for corners in to the middle

Step 6: Flip Over

Now flip it over so you can see the four squares and fold all of those squares in to the middle

Step 7: Flip Over Again

Now you will see four more squares so now you fold it like a taco

Step 8: Stick Your Fingers In

Now stick your fingers into the little flaps at you should have it. Sorry mine is not pretty