Four Freedoms Park- State Park in NY, 3D Printing Scene

Introduction: Four Freedoms Park- State Park in NY, 3D Printing Scene

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The Four Freedoms park is a symbol of freedom- built as a memorial for our great president Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In 1941, President Roosevelt proclaimed four freedoms all humans have-

The freedom of speech, where you say anything and not suffer any punishment from the government

The freedom of worship, where you can be part of any religion and exercise it without punishment

The freedom from want, where Roosevelt describes as the understanding of economics and a healthy and peaceful lifetime for all inhabitants of any nation

And finally, The freedom from fear- where no nation attacks another, or in other words, a peaceful world without war.

I truly agree and feel inspired by President Roosevelt's words so I decided to make a digital model of the park.




Step 1: The Design:

I have decided to not bore everyone with a detailed step by step process so here are the overviews:

First, using the "roof", I constructed two sides, for gravel. The marble is sloped, so I added another two roofs to reach the top.

I couldn't find any triangles is I used rectangles. (sloppy work shown in the image)

After that, adding the trees. Using a cylinder and a somewhat- ellipse-sphere, I made a tree, copied that, and maneuvered all the trees on one side to position.

I copied all of those, rotated, and put them on the other side.

Adding the part with the marble bricks and statue, I made a small section, and a container thing there. To simulate the head, I used a cylinder and half-sphere, since it would look more like the actual statue.

I believe I made everything flat.

*nervous laugh*

I don't know how this .stl file thing works, but from my Tinkercad page it shows with color and well, flatness...

STL file shows the flatness too.

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