Introduction: FrAcTuReD FLOWERS

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This is a fun drawing activity that looks very easy but you really must be mindful while you are working on coloring the flowers so you don't "cross-the-line"

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is drawing paper, any size will work, I used 9"X12"

black sharpie marker

a pencil

assorted color pencils

Step 2: Create a Border

Start with a dot in each corner of your paper. Draw a line connecting the dots to form a border.

Step 3: Begin the Drawing

Start with three large stems, remember to draw the stems as parallel lines, these will eventually be colored in and you can't color a line, you need space in between!

Add a lot of leaves and flowers to the drawing. You want your drawing to fill the page.

Step 4: Choosing Your Colored Pencils

Choose four groups of 3 colors of pencils. Pick your base color plus 2 analogous colors (one lighter and darker).

If you don't have colored pencils you can use any other drawing or painting materials you have on hand.

Step 5: Draw an X

Use the sharpie to draw a large X on top of the pencil drawing, also go over the border line with the marker.

Step 6: Begin Coloring

Choose one area of the X and one group of colors, color that section while remaining very mindful not to "cross the line".

Work your way around your drawing and color each section with a specific group of colors.

Step 7: Finished!

When each section has been colored you are finished. If you like the white background that's fine. If not choose another color that you haven't used to finish your drawing. I chose lavender.

Step 8: Mixed Media

This is a sample of the activity using colored pencils and colored markers. You can get creative and mix any supplies you have just keeping to the same color field.

Have Fun