Introduction: Faux Gilded Mirror

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I always have a hard time throwing anything away. Especially my grandson's little toys that he has outgrown. I found a fun and creative way to continue to "play" with those old toys.


12"X12" mirror tile (home depot)

20"X20" plywood

(2) 20"X20" cardboard

Elmers glue

Elmers Wood Glue

Gold Spray Paint



Exacto blade


Picture hooks and wire.

A Lot of old plastic toys (also jewelry)

Step 1: Prepare the Frame Base

Using 20"X20" cardboard cut the 12"X12" section from the middle of each cardboard. Measure a 4" border.

Use Elmers to glue the cardboard pieces together which will make the base quite sturdy.

Step 2: Gluing

Using a sufficient amount of Elmer's glue pile on the pieces to decorate the frame. Only use hard items on the frame. Anything with movement won't let the spray paint adhere. I cut the string off that little creature and I never use anything with fur or hair (like a troll or my little pony )

Let the glue dry thoroughly (this can take several days)

Step 3: Prepare the Hanger

While the glue is drying attach the frame hooks and wire to the back of the plywood base. This mirror is going to be very heavy so be sure to create a strong hanger.

Step 4: Glue Mirror Tile

Mark and glue the Mirror tile to the center of the plywood base. I used Elmer's Wood Glue

Step 5: Spray the Frame

When the frame is completely dry (and remember this can take several days) Spray the frame to create the "gilded "look.

Step 6: Final Step

When the spray paint dries spread Elmer's Wood Glue around the entire outside area of the plywood surrounding the mirror. Place the gilded frame on the base and again, give it time to dry.

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