Introduction: Frappé!!

Step 1: Mcdonalds....

This isn't mcdonalds 3.90 frappés!! Because that's stupid for a cold coffee soooo I think that we should make one ourselves so let's take a look at the main ingredients including....

Step 2: These

• 1 cup of cold coffee (of coarse)
• 1 cup of milk (to sweeten and give it sensation)
• 3 cups of ice cubes ( to chill it with a crunch )
• 6tbs of sugar ( to sweeten it up more )
• 8 tbs of Caramel or fudge ( I prefer Hershey's fudge ... But any kind works!!! Same with the Caramel)
• a blender

Step 3: Then We Hen You Have All of Those

You make sure your coffee is cold and put it in with the milk and sugar and mix it well... (With a spoon)

Step 4: Then

You add your ice cubes into the blender. And make sure that you put in you syrup last.

Step 5: Finally

Add your syrup

Step 6: Mix!

Step 7: Enjoy!

Enjoy your homemade and free frappé! Instead of those pricey ones from As fast food resteronts that you don't know for sure that the beverage is clean so here is a tip... Make sure it's clean !!