Introduction: Freaky Finger Foods & Disgusting Treats

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I'm going to show you how easy it is to make fun, freaky finger foods and disgustingly delicious treats for your next Halloween party.
With just a little creativity and some simple foods, make hor'derves that will make your guests squirm!
Real looking fingers, finger food, apple smiles, ear swabs, and delicious, dirty band aids. So gross you'll love to hate them!
These would go great with the watermelon brain
or Puff pastry intestines

Step 1: Shopping List

Gather your supplies! Here's your grocery shopping list! This is all you need to make four fantastic Halloween treats (or is it a trick)?
The pomegranate is optional as is the mustard. Hit up the medicine cabinet for the band-aids and cotton swab box.

Step 2: Fingers EEEWWWWW

These look almost real! SO gross! If you don't have the little sausage wieners that come in a can, cut regular size hotdogs in half. Slice some knuckles into the side and place in boiling water for 5 minutes. Add sliced onions to boiling water to use as fingernails.Trim the top out of the wiener a little to set an onion slice in as a nail. Glue nail with catsup or mustard. Skewer with a toothpick ala ancient Chinese bamboo under the fingernail torture style. Place in cupcake paper in pool of catsup or mustard. Pretend you're a cannibal.

Step 3: Apple Bites Back

These are so easy! Just wash and slice an apple. Spread peanut butter or caramel, place mini marshmallows for teeth and cap off with another apple slice. These are cute and very delicious. You can also replace a marshmallow tooth with a blueberry for a rotten tooth. Bon Appetit!

Step 4: Trick or Treat?!

These dirty band aids are irresistibly disgusting. Take graham crackers and break them into their smallest rectangle. Add a square in the center of cream cheese. Top with apricot jam (pus) and top with a few pomegranate seeds for ripped off scabs. Or you can use any red jam like strawberry or red currant.  Serve next to real band aids to further the gag. GROSS!

Step 5: Dirty Ear Swabs

EEEWWWW!! These are simply so gross. And so very easy to make! Use mini marshmallows. Form them onto the ends of toothpicks tapering them so they look sort of real. Now you have a choice to use peanut butter, melted butterscotch or peanut butter chips or caramel dip. For peanut butter or caramel use a knife and apply like you would frosting just on the tips. If using melted chips, dip and swirl. Place on wax paper to cool/set. Serve next to a real box of swabs to further the disgust effect. You can also dip these into red jelly or jam for bloody swabs. YUM!? Yes!

Step 6: Happy Halloween

Now that you've seen how easy it is I hope you're inspired to make your own disgusting treats to trick your guests with. If you dare, refresh their thirst with Shrunken head cider. Have a very fun and disgustingly delicious Happy Halloween!

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