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My Whole family are queen fans, all starting with my grand parents.

As it is coming up to Christmas i decided to try my hand at sign / plaque making.

But i didn't want to make some standard / done 100 times plaque i wanted to make it a challenge and also a present.

So i came up with the idea of a plaque dedicated to Freddie , in his iconic pose with his signature.

I hope you guys and girls like it, it was a great project to do and im really happy with the way it turned out.

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Step 1: Layout

I started with an old drawer front, that i think is oak (not sure) and decided what sort of way i wanted to lay out the carvings.

Then i planed it down square and flat and glued on a template / stencil i got from google in the positions i thought looked the best.

Step 2: Carve

Then i started carving, i was planning on hand carving but as i got a rotary / dremel type tool a while ago that i hadnt used yet i wanted to give that a go instead.

Using the rotary tool with a flex pipe and the smallest bit i had i started carving out the signature first taking my time as i wasn't exactly sure what i was doing.

I carved the outline and then want over it a few more times going deeper with each pass.

Step 3: Inlay & Carve

Once the outline was done i wanted to make part of it yellow (for Freddie's iconic yellow jacket)

I filled the outline and signature in black milliput and left that to dry fully (leaving the stencil on) then went onto carve the rest of the stencil and filled that with yellow milliput.

I sanded it all back once everything was dry using 60 grit sandpaper making sure not to go to deep once the milliput was gone.

And i was amazed at how well it turned out, the yellow wasn't as bright as i wanted but other than that i thought it was a really good 1st attempt.

Step 4: Finish & Hardware

I sanded again up to 500 grit making sure only to do light sanding as i didn't want to sand to deep and remove all the milliput.

Then i added 5 coats of clear semi gloss finish sanding at 500 grit in between each coat.

For hanging hardware i went for 3M's command strips. Each rated to hold 4lbs / 1.8kg

I used these because they are simple and effective, and can also be taken down without leaving holes everywhere.

Step 5: Thats It

Thats it , im honestly amazed at how its turned out , as i said i wish the yellow was brighter but aside from that i think its great and i know any Freddie or queen fan would love it.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as i did making it.

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