Introduction: Free Bike Trailer, With Only Hand Tools

I built this project over the weekend with my brother, for free or very close to free.

Tools: 1/5

Time: 2/5

Difficulty: 2/5

For the base of the trailer, we used an old kids trailer. Around the stripped-down base, we built a frame out of pallet wood. We got all the parts for this project for free.


1 - 2 pallet
1 old kids trailer or wagon

Hammer (nails if you don't use pallet nails)
Wrenches (may be needed for disassembly of the kid trailer)

Step 1: The Dissasembly

This step is the most straight forward.

First, we cut off the fabric using a knife. Our trailer was very old so most came off with little effort. Some parts were screwed or bolted to the frame, here we used the necessary tools to get it all off.

Step 2: Building the Bed

Now the building starts:

We started the build of by checking what boards and how many we wanted to use. Lucky for us 4 boards fit perfectly. These boards were cut down to fit one 2 by 4 on each side of the trailer. We also used 1 board in the center for support and one next to each 2 by 4 as a spacer to make the bed lay level.

The project could be finished here but the trailer would be much more functional with side railings.

Step 3: Build Side Railings

For the side railings, you could use parts from the pallets, but we found some scrap 1 by 2 planks that we cut to 30cm. The rails were cut to the same length as the bed and put together as shown. Two railings were built for this trailer.

Step 4: Final Assembly

The side rails were nailed into the 2 by 4's on the bed. For this step, it might be smart to use screws. We considered having sides for the back and front as well, but for now, we'll leave them open.

Made in the USA, recycled in Norway.

Thanks for reading our Instructable, have a good project.