Introduction: Upcycle Lamp to Seacret RGB Mood Lamp

I turned on my lamp today, to find the bulb was dead. I also found out it was hard to find a new one. I decided that I like RGB LEDs so I made a project out of it.

Here is my secret RGB LED mod lamp with a magnet switch.

I have had these magnetic switches or a reed switch, which is a switch that reacts to a magnetic force to close. I used three of these to turn on the red, green and blue part of the RGBs.

The tools I used were

Soldering iron, Glue gun, screwdriver and wire cutters

The parts were

Lamp, RGB Led strip, 12v AC to DC adapter, three reed magnet switches,

Time to set the mood!

Step 1: Prep Work

I started by opening the lamp head and removing the old electronics.

On my lamp, it was just to remove some screws.

Step 2: LED and Glue

the LEDs were glued around the outside (of the inside) of the lamp facing inward. You could also lay them flat, but then you will have to solder more.

In my particular lamp, there was room to still use the old bulb.

Step 3: Switches

The reed switches were glued on the inside of the roof to the lamp head. You must make sure that the magnet can activate the switch from the outside of the shell.

The RGB was soldered up like this:

black 12v+ - 12v power

Red led - first switch - GND

blue led - the second switch - GND

green led - third switch - GND

Step 4: Cable

I cut of the end of the cable and then solderd on a 12v AC to DC adapter

Step 5: The Result

Now it is just to put the lamp back together and the project is done.

The light will change based on where you place the magnet.

If I would do this project again I would add some hi power white LEDs laying flat in the lamp to replace the old bulb. These LEDs could be connected to the old switch. If I would do this I should also change out the power supply.

Thanks for checking out my instructable and I hope you get in your DIY mood.

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