Introduction: Free Enery Realease

Hi ,I am Rafeeq from white field nook.

Today i am showing how make free energy release.



  • CD
  • Fan
  • Pipe
  • Dc motor
  • Switch
  • Wires
  • Decorate stones
  • 9v battery
  • Cardboard sheet

Step 1: Motors


  • Take cardboard box stick two pipes.
  • And stick 2 motors on top of two pipes.
  • Put fan to one motor and connect battery and switch to the motor one side of the motor.

Step 2: CD


  • Take a small pipe of cardboard and pulley to to the cardboard.
  • Take CD and stick decorate stone to the CD.
  • And fix the pulley on the motor
  • And also stick CD on the pulley
  • Now the free energy release ready.