Introduction: Free Organizer for All Things !

In this instructable, I'll show you how I managed to store just about everything for free. You just need shoe boxes !!

This very simple storage is also very visible: green for socks, red for electronic stuff, orange for my collection of favorite books ...

You choose !


- Shoes boxes! Preferably take separate colors so you can easily spot your boxes.

- A marker of any color visible on any color : black and red markers do the trick very well.

Step 1: Choose Your Boxes

Everyone has shoe boxes at home! Shoe boxes are very useful for storing all kinds of things, easily and for free. For this step, you just have to choose the different shoe boxes you have. The boxes must not be very damaged ( not like the photo ) because it will be difficult to stack all the boxes and make a nice storage.

Step 2: What Do You Have to Store?

What do you have to store ? I mainly stored electronics, cables and all that but you can store anything (except your favorite big mac;) !

Write the objects they will contain on your different boxes with a clearly visible marker. Keep it short and simple: "motors recovered from old circuits" NO, rather "motors" !

Step 3: Arrange

Fill your boxes with the different items you want to store.

Step 4: Finish

Arrange your boxes: below the least used boxes and above those you use often.

You can store them against a wall, but it's not very elegant or in a piece of furniture, which is much prettier. I use a piece of furniture that I made last year and it works very well, I find it rather pretty! ,' )

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