Introduction: Free Tv Wall Mount

Here is a quick and free way to wall mount a tv.

Free if you already have the wood and bolts laying around*


Length of pine board at least 19mm thick.

Bolts to fit tv wall mount holes.

Dyna bolts (if mounting to a brick wall)




Step 1: Cut Wood Into Strips (skip This Step If Mounting to Drywall)

Cut the pine board into 2 strips.

Step 2: Pre-drill Wall Board for Dyna Bolts.(skip This Step If Mounting to Drywall)

Drill a hole at each end of this board to mount to the bricks.

Drilling a recess big enough to fit a socket in, around the bolts head and deep enough for the bolts head to be bellow the surface.

followed by a through hole for the dyna bolts thread.

Step 3: Drill Into Brick Work and Hammer in Dyna Bolt (skip This Step If Mounting Onto Drywall)

Drill a hole into the mortar and install Dyna bolts with a hammer.

Step 4: Install Board With Dyna Bolt Bolts. (skip This Step If Mounting Onto Drywall)

Add board onto the wall and bolt down.

Step 5: Cut French Cleat (start Here If Mounting to Drywall)

Set your saw to 45 degress and rip the strip in half.

*this can be accomplished with a table saw or circular saw even a hand saw.

Step 6: Drill Mounting Holes in Wall French Cleat Half.

I drilled holes along the board as I was mounting it to the board I put up on the wall, but if you are mounting to drywall you will need to line up your holes with the studs behind the drywall.

Step 7: Mount French Cleat to Wall

Attach french cleat to the wall using a level to assure the cleat is level.

If mounting to drywall assure holes line up with studs.

Step 8: Drill Holes in Tv French Cleat

Using masking tape to mark out the holes drill holes into the french cleat for the tv again drilling a recess for the bolt head to be under the surface.

Step 9: Bolt French Cleat to Tv

Bolt the french cleat to the tv assuring the bolts are tight.

Step 10: Lift Tv Onto Wall