Introduction: Free and Sturdy Cardboard Tablet Stand

Hello! This is my first instructable, so please don`t judge too much ;-)

So, I was looking for a cheap and small stand for my tablet, but suddenly it struck me - why not make one. With so much cardbord all around us, it`s good to upsycle it and make something usefull instead just throwing it in the garbage bin.

By the way, all you need is a 14 x 9 cm piece of cardboard, a pair of scissors and a pencil. And that`s it, no glue needed. Oh, and two to three minutes of time.

So let`s get started...

Step 1:

So, the first step is to print out or draw a template - It doesn`t need to be exact ( I made mine by eye and it works).

Then fold it in the middle so you get two identical halfs - just like making paper Christmass ornaments.

The next step is to transfer it to the cardboard, cut it out and...

Step 2:

And Voila... You have a nice stand that is sturdy as a house.

I don`t have a bigger tablet to test it, but it even holds my 8,4 inch tablet in portrait orientation with no issues, so I`m sure it can hold a 10 inch tablet as well. And It even has an adjustable viewing angle - the more you spread it out or unfold, the steaper the viewing angle.

So, here you go, and thank you for your time...

Happy watching ;-)

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