Introduction: Freezing Singles

Now this is a hack a day for single people, I am sure you can go into the local grocery store and get a single cut of meat for about the price of a car. The problem family packs are cheaper per cut, but what do you do? Cook all four pieces of meat, and hope you eat them before they go bad. Or freeze them hoping they don’t get freezer burn before you can separate them without using an 18 pound sledgehammer.

This works if you are married with children or single and buy a 4 pack of chops or you buy a 10 pound ribeye roast and cut it into stakes, instead of paying $10 a pound you can end up paying as little as $3 a pound for prime cuts.

Step 1: Be Green

I’m big on reduce reuse and recycle so I am sure if you are single you recognize this, a potato chip bag. You can use simple wax paper or the bags in your cereal boxes but I find chip bags work best at not sticking to the meat.

Start by opening the bag so it can be flatten, washed, and let dry.

Step 2: Wrapping Time

Although you are wrapping the meat in an air resistant wrapper after freezing you will be removing the meat one cut at a time. Something like freezer safe Tupperware or a Ziploc bag will work as long as it is a re-sealable container. The container keeps the wrapping together as well.

Place the first cut of meat on the end of the flattened chip bag and role the bag 1 turn until you cannot see the meat.

Repeat this process for the rest of the cuts of meat.

Step 3: Freeze

Once you have rolled up the meat in the wrapping press out as much air as you can and fold the ends under the meat placing it in your freezer safe container and freeze.

The reason you fold the ends under the meat, is the weight of the meat holds the ends of the wrapping closed in the container.

Step 4: Time to Cook

Whether it is a day or a month later you take the container out of the freezer and unwrap the cuts of meat one at a time looking as if you just bought it.

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