Introduction: French Toast Cheerios /Freetios

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French toast, fluffy deliciousness. Cheerios, the tiny rings of breakfast cereal goodness. Together? '_' Hell yes. Out of the blue, struck by a divine dash of inspiration, I give you Freetios. They're tasty, they're easy, and they're awesome hangover food.

Step 1: Ingredients

Here's what you need: -1 egg -pinch of salt -1/2-3/4 glass of milk -Powdered cinnamon -4 teaspoons sugar/stevia/Splenda/sweetener equivalent -Olive oil or butter or frying stuff of choice (anyone up to try peanut oil 0_o) -Toppings, syrup, etc. (optional) -Bowl of Cheerios

Step 2: Combine Ingredients

In a fairly large bowl-> 1) Whisk the egg 2) add milk 3) whisk in sugar or sweetener 4) add cinnamon (use a healthy amount, you want the flavor to stick) and whisk very thoroughly The mix looks like the above, I was heavy handed with the milk :s

Step 3: Soaking the Cheerios

Put roughy a bowl of Cheerios into the mix and let stand for about fifteen minutes, or until Cheerios get soggy (like sopping wet actually, you need the mix to sink in). You really want to get in touch with your inner geek/chef? Listen to the mix (pun!) and when the crackling cereal sound slows down or stops you know the Cheerios are saturated (air bubbles, diffusion yatayatayata)

Step 4: FRY DEM

1) Coat a pan in olive oil or other frying base (I used olive oil, it's what I had on hand). 2) Heat on a medium-low flame. 3) pour in the mix 4) listen to the sizzle and be ready with a spatula, keep it moving (well, just don't burn it) This is the cool part 5) the Cheerios will actually shrink and the smell will change when the freetios are good to go, and will turn a golden brown

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy

Top with your favorite, serve it hot Shown here with vanillin sugar and almonds (can you see the shrunken Cheerios?)

Step 6: Variations

Some ideas for variation: -mix mango juice instead of some of the milk -use chocolate milk and throw some chocolate shavings on it when finished -do it with different cereal -throw some honey in the mix, chill it when done then serve cool -take out the sweet stuff, use unsweetened cereal, add salsa and chopped Veggies or onions. Quick savory grits.

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