Introduction: French Toast With Raisins

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In this instructable I will provide you with step by step directions to cook up a wonderful breakfast. I have dietary preferences that usually exclude dairy so I won't be using normal milk, but you can if it is preferred.i hope you enjoy and vote for me!

Step 1: Ingredients

To make French toast you will need
1. 3 large eggs
2. 1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
3. 3/4 a cup of Silk Original coconut milk( or normal milk
4. Cinnamon and raisin bread
5. Butter for the pan
Proportions are measured for around 10 slices of bread

Step 2: Preparing the Egg Mixture

Now to begin add the eggs and wisk them. After that wisk in the milk and vanilla extract. If your bread isn't a cinnamon infused bread add about 1 tablespoons.

Step 3: Making the Toast

To create the toast place a pan on medium high heat and put a decent slice of butter on it. Then follow that by dipping each side of the bread in the egg bath for a few seconds. Finally place the bread on the pan and wait until the bread looks toasted on the bottom and flip. Repeat this process until you are done.

Step 4: Conclusion

If you want you can cook up bacon and eat it, I did some Canadian bacon. If you are worried about wasting the egg you can scramble them. Although I definitely don't recommend it they turn out really sweet. If you enjoyed this please like and subscribe. I would enjoy if you left a comment to tell me what you want to see next. Also please vote for me:)
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