Introduction: French Toast

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I make french toast. I explain how.
A long long time ago a man, Wilford T. Edgington, looked down at his breakfast plate and said, "This toast and these eggs are rather tasty. If only they could be combined." As this was before women who were not the Queen of England had any rights, he made his wife figure it out.

After that he made millions on the patent and then divorced his wife in favor of a woman he met at a cabaret. He soon contracted Syphilis and died.

Which is to say that the 19th Century sucked. But French Toast, despite this sordid history does not suck - it is delicious.

Special Thanks to TimAnderson, Canida and Ewilhelm for making this instructable possible

Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients courtesy of TimAnderson

1) Eggs (about 1 per every three slices)
2) Bread.
I had Challah bread from Semifredi's. I'm of the opinion that Challah bread makes the tastiest
french toast.
3) Butter (Vegetable Oil is also a possibility)
4) A small bowl
5) A frying pan
6) A spatula

Step 2: Cut the Bread

Cut the Bread with a sharp knife into slices between a quarter and half an inch thick. If you make them too small there is a danger that they will fall apart. If you make them too large it may not cook as evenly and so won't taste as good.

Step 3: Beat the Eggs

Crack the eggs in to a bowl.
Then beat them. This involves moving your fork through them in quick circular motion until the yolks are mixed with the whites. It is all right if there is some non-uniformity in the beaten eggs.

Step 4: Start Cooking

Put the frying pan on high. Lay down some oil or butter to grease the pan. As you are cooking make sure that there is always butter (or oil) in the pan. Fat adds to the flavor and prevents the french toast from sticking to the pan.

Dip both sides of the bread in the eggs. Put the bread on the pan. Move the pan around so that there is grease underneath the bread.

After a minute or so, flip the toast. Continue this process until the bread is toasted. The toast will have a marbled appearance and be rough and hard to the touch.

Once both sides of the french toast look cooked, remove the french toast from the pan and put in a new slice.

Step 5: Eat!

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