Introduction: Fresh Apple Ginger Banana Smoothie

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After my first highly successful ginger juice experiment I've been trying to work it into all sorts of things. Smoothies made with fresh ginger and apple juice, bananas, frozen berries, and a few other things are spectacular.

Step 1: Juice Some Ginger

I juiced a big hunk of ginger root that made around 200 mL (3/4+ of a cup) of juice.

More thoughts on the awesome Jack LaLanne power juicer here.

Step 2: And Some Apples

I juiced enough apples to make 500 mL (2+ cups) of juice. I planned on making about 1.25 L (5 cups) of smoothies because that's how much liquid my blender holds.

I cook to the size of the pot, not to the size of the stomach.

Step 3: A Note on Fresh Juice

Pasteurized juice is a pale comparison of freshly juiced juice. Pull the fruit directly off a tree if you can, it's probably another 10 times better. With so much exposed surface area, the fresh juice starts to oxidize (I presume oxygen is the culprit) quite quickly. Drink or use it immediately, the great taste doesn't stick around.

Look at all the neat particulate matter in the apple juice! That's part of the great taste!

Step 4: Dump All the Ingredients Into a Blender

Ginger juice
Apple juice
Banana (I used one large and one baby banana)
20 g or so of soybean powder (because I like the gritty, chalky taste of "protein power" smoothies)
a bunch of frozen raspberries
two spoonfuls of peanut butter
a little bit of cayenne pepper

Step 5: Blend Until Smooth

Step 6: Enjoy

All the flavors are actually in balance. When you first sip, you get the peanut butter, followed by the ginger, apple, and raspberry. The banana and soybean provide nice body, and after a few sips the canyenne pepper sneaks up and opens your sinuses.