Introduction: Friday Night Negroni

Negroni is an old Italian cocktail for adult taste.

The legend claims that the drink was invented in Italy in the year 1919. This cocktail has the sweetness of Martini Rosso and bitterness of Campari with a wonderful flavour of Gin.

The drink goes nicely at classy evenings and fancier parties. Traditionally Negroni is done in Old Fashioned glass, but in this instructable we use Cocktail glass.

This is a strong alcoholic drink, so remember to drink responsibly!

Step 1: Ingredients

You need only 4 ingredients (or five) for this magic potion:

  • 2cl Gin
  • 2cl Campari
  • 2cl sweet red Vermouth
  • Ice (skull shaped)
  • Optional: Orange peel

And of course glasses and something to measure the alcohols.

Step 2: Ice and Gin

Add ice to your glass and pour 2 cl of Gin

For the Halloween or horror theme, use skull shaped ice. It just looks better.

Step 3: Campari

Pour 2cl of Campari to the glass.

Step 4: Sweet Red Vermouth

Pour 2cl of sweet red Vermouth to the glass.

There are many brands available, but Italian ones are the best.

Step 5: Enjoy

The drink is ready for consumption.

You can also garnish your drink with orange peel. Adding orange peel might also add bit more bitterness.

You can stir your drink if you think the alcohols are not mixed well, but don't go to James Bond route and shake them. Shaking will make your drink foggy and too cold.

Enjoy with good company and classy music!

Generic receipt:

Stir into glass with ice

  • 1 part of gin
  • 1 part of Campari
  • 1 part of sweet red Vermouth
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