Introduction: Fried Cabbage... on a Grill

I signed up for a CSA share (Community Supported Agriculture) Which this time of year in my part of the south seems to mean cabbage... As a southerner - that means fried cabbage. But it's hot and I don't want to heat the house when I can cook outside... So here it goes - my interpretation of cabbage on a grill (in a dutch oven of course).

Step 1: The Veggie Part..

For starters let me say that I rarely measure... Or more accurate never measure - especially when a grill is involved. So any measurements mentioned are, well, complete guesswork.. Heck, I might even toss in a few metrics just to confuse fellow Americans...

As a true southerner--- use what ya got..

In this case a couple small heads of cabbage, some leftover cabbage from last week... And a red onion. Realistically a store size head of cabbage and an whole onion seems about right.

I sliced the cabbage and the red onion...Hard to believe, but I forgot the jalapeno. The jalapeno is an option, but one that I typically use - or used last week. Anyway if you do use a hot pepper I'm sure you know how much of the seeds and ribs to use to suit your desires.

Step 2: The Tasty Part

The spices are simply some salt, pepper, and creole seasoning. Guess it was 2 TSP Pepper, 1.5cc salt, and 15 grams creole seasoning. (see what I did there...2 parts pepper to 1 part salt and creole)

Had 3 slices of bacon left over from yesterday... And more importantly I saved the grease - more about that coming up. Didn't take a photo because bacon fat in the fridge is not, shall we say, photogenic.

Step 3: Add Heat

On my trusty grill I used my cast iron dutch oven.

Added about half the bacon grease in dutch oven - lets call it 2 Tsp.

Let the dutch oven heat, over red hot coals it doesn't take long... I'd say about the time it takes to enjoy a half a beer - but your time may vary

Dump in the veggie part, then the tasty part...

You can see in this picture the chicken thighs are already on the grill.

Mix the veggies and the tasties. Mix well so the hot bacon grease is well distributed.

In this case my coals were very hot, so I moved my dutch oven off direct heat... Let everything cook for the remainder of the beer, may a bit longer.

Turned the thighs and stirred the cabbage and covered again.. Gave me time to fetch another beer.

Actual time for the cabbage is very subjective... This was on the heat for about 15 minutes, then took the dutch oven off the grill and let it cool slowly while the thighs finished.

Step 4: Enjoy

Fried cabbage complete.

Chicken thigs complete.

Ready to plate and enjoy..

Total time from coals to plate is just about 3 beers... Not sure what that would be in metric.

How does it taste... I thought it was pretty good... But then I was on my fourth.

The wife said the pepper overpowered the bacon... So obviously it needs more bacon.

The bread on the plate is a slab of beer bread... But that's for a different time.

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