Introduction: Crispy Italian Cutlet (Gluten Free)

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Since I love cooking, I sometimes invite friends to my house. It happens that one of them cannot eat gluten, so I decided to experiment and try something very tasty for her and simple for me to do. In the previous days I gathered the ingredients, and the evening before our lunch I started trying with different ingredients and different ratios until I found the perfect one, and here I share it with you:

Step 1: Ingredients

Here is what I used for 3 people:
- A pound (500 g) of Sliced chicken breast
- 4  Eggs
- Salt & pepper
- Gluten free fine breadcrumbs (can be made by grinding old crunchy bread)
- Cornmeal (aka cornflour or polenta)
- Frying oil

Step 2: Mix

To prepare the mixture, mix 40% breadcrumbs and 60% cornmeal in a plate, but don't exaggerate, you can add later if you need to!

To prepare the eggs, break 4 eggs and mix them in another plate, adding salt and pepper.

Step 3: Prepare the Meat

To prepare the breast, first put a slice in the eggs, then in the mixture, then eggs again and another time mixture, having two coatings done on it.

Step 4: Heat the Oil

When you are done mixing, heat half a inch ( 1.5 cm) of oil in a pan and follow this little rule to know when it is ready:
-Put a couple Breadcrubs from the mixture in the pan, if they do not boil, it is not ready yet. If it boils, it is ok.

Step 5: Cook!

Carefully place the prepared meat in the hot oil, and cook evenly flipping them multiple times. They will be ready and browned in a couple minutes!

Step 6: Finished!

After cooking, place your cutlets on kitchen paper to drain the excess of oil. Don't wait too much before eating because they are at their best when still warm!


Tip: When finished, mix the remaining eggs and mixture and fry that! ;)

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