Introduction: Fried Pi Pies

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These fried pi pies are the perfect way to ring in Pi Day, whether your oven is on the fritz (like mine) or you just want a little deep fried action. 

Step 1: The Stuff

You need:
Unbaked Pie crusts -- these can be refrigerated ready-to-use type or homemade
Pie filling -- a relatively smooth filling is best because you need to pipe it.  I made a classic chocolate filing but you can make one out of fruit (perhaps minced) if you'd like.
Deep fryer OR a medium, heavy saucepan AND oil suitable for frying
Pi template
Kitchen scissors or pastry roller

Step 2: Pi Shape

Prepare your template.  You can use the image here, resized as you like it, or draw your own.  It's important that the template shape be quite fat.  Interior corners should be rounded, to make putting together the pies easier.

Step 3: Pieces of Pi

Lay out your rolled pie crust and either use a pastry cutter to trace around the pattern or mark it with food color markers and cut it out.  You need two pi shapes per pie.

Note to self: Consider commissioning the creation of large pi-shaped cookie cutters for next year!

Step 4: Assembly

Fill your pastry bag (or a sturdy zip-top bag) with your filling and cut off the tip.  I piped through a coupler to make it a little easier to handle.

Pipe filling on the center of one pi shape.  You don't need much.  Be sure it's in the center.

Use your fingers or a small pastry brush to moisten the exposed crust edges with water.

Lay another pi shape onto the first and press the corresponding edges together, making sure to push out any air pockets.  Be sure to seal it well.

Step 5: Cooking

Heat one inch of oil in your medium pan to 350 degrees.

Carefully lower pies into the oil one at a time.  Cook on one side for one minute, then turn and cook on the other side for another minute.