Fried Pineapple Ice Cream

Introduction: Fried Pineapple Ice Cream

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In summer a small culinary delight is allowed. And not just in the summer. Especially when it can be obtained quickly and not very expensive.And it is also tasty.


Any food market in the world.

Step 1: Let's Talk About Ingredients.

  1. Ripe, sweet pineapple 1pc
  2. Ice cream, preferably vanilla. 100g.
  3. Sour cherry syrup or topping.To taste.
  4. Vanilla sugar. 1 tablespoon.
  5. Chocolate topping.To taste.
  6. Whipped cream.To taste.
  7. Olive oil. 2 tablespoons.
  8. Rum essence.1 tablespoon.
  9. White flour.1 tablespoon.Optional.
  10. A small pan (20 cm. Diameter).
  11. A Teflon brush.
  12. The appetite for something sweet and good.

Step 2: We Prepare the Pineapple.

We cut a slice about 1 cm. thickness of pineapple fruit.

We cut the shell of the fruit and obtain the result seen in first photo.

Using the Teflon brush, grease the pineapple slice on both sides with rum essence, then with a mixture of white flour and vanilla sugar, as in the second photo.

In the small pan, fry on both sides, as in the third photo, until it browns nicely.

Step 3: Final Assembly ... and Eat.

Remove the pineapple slice from the frying pan and let it drain the oil between 2 napkins.

Place on a small plate and leave to cool for a few minutes (see photo).

Place ice cream on top (taken out of the freezer just then) and whipped cream.

Add a little topping of sour cherries and chocolate. Everything will have to look like in the main photo.

It is consumed immediately.

Of course, several servings can be made from a pineapple.

This is good, because you will need more than one portion, especially if you have guests.

And that's it.

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