Introduction: Fried Potato Cake

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Made the fried potato cake is very simple and delicious.  It is great for breakfast. 

Step 1: Ingredients

- Flour
- Egg
- Potato
- Salt

Note: I didn't add other seasoners. You can try that if you want. And I only added one egg, since I don't like he cake is too fluffy. You do it as you like it.

Step 2: Make a Batter

Combine the flour and salt, gradually add water to make a batter. Then, add the egg into, and stir to make them mix well. Maybe you see that the batter is not very smooth, it doesn't matter since this is not final one what we will use. Set it aside, let's to deal with potato.

Step 3: Cut the Potato to Shreds

Peel off the skin of potato and cut into slices evenly. The potato slices are the thinner the better. Then cut the potato slices into shreds evenly. Maybe it is hard to cut potato into shreds manually by yourself, so you can cut potato using other kitchen tools. In a word, made the potato into shreds whatever approach you take.

Step 4: Mix Potato Shreds Into Batter

Before add potato shreds, stir the batter for a few seconds, you will see the batter become more smooth than before. Then, mix the potato shreds into batter, stir again.

Step 5: Cooking

Heat up the pan, put some oil in, put the mixture potato batter. During frying, flatten it using a shovel, do this slowly and try to keep it cylindrical if you can, but it's okay if it becomes an odd shape. Turn it over, continue to flatten it using the shovel. Repeat and repeat until pale golden. 

Step 6: Done!

Once you're ready to serve, cut it up into 4 parts and plate it. Please enjoy!