Fried Potato With Onions Recipe

Introduction: Fried Potato With Onions Recipe

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Here is a simple potato recipe

This is an easy lunch idea.

Step 1: The Ingredients

Step 2: Add Oil to Pan

let it get hot on a low medium flame

Step 3: Add the Potatoes

Step 4: After 2 Minutes on Medium Heat Stir Them Around

Step 5: Let It Cook for 8 Minutes on Medium Heat

Step 6: Drain the Excess Oil

leave about 1 tablespoon of oil

Step 7: Add the Onions

Step 8: Let It Cook Till the Onion Is Translucent

Step 9: Add Your Spices-salt,paprika

you can add-cumin,mustard seeds,coriander am just not a fun of them.

Step 10: Done Now Serve It Up

Step 11: Give It a Like

Step 12: Enjoy

Step 13: That Is the Recipe Enjoy.

If you try it let me know.

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    Tip 5 years ago

    Yum yum add mushrooms and you have Russia's national dish Zharenaya Kartoshka. Sprinkle some fresh dill on it before serving if you don't mind dill. An easy variation on what you posted.