Introduction: Frikandelbread

hi, my name is ronja and i will make an instructable about something typical dutch ! its called frikandelbread! and believe me its the best thing you will taste in your life!! so run to the nearest supermarket and get this stuff and make it! do it do it nowww!

Step 1: Necessities

what do you need?

*frikandel of course ;)

* some puff pastry

*beaten egg

*curry saus!

Step 2: Curry Saus

get your puff pastry and remove the piece of paper at the back, cut the frikandel by half, and put the curry saus on your puff pastry, put the frikandel on top! beat your egg and add spices if necessary :) I added some paprika powder! that tastes the best with the frikandel i think! :)

Step 3: Last Step!

close the ends with a fork so that nothing will leak! get a little brush en put the mix with eggs on your frikandelbread! put your frikandel bread in the hot air oven at 180 degrees for 20 min.

AND YOU ARE DONE! how easy?! and it tastes soooo good! i hope you will make this at home ;)

enjoy your meal! ;)

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    2 years ago

    Hey missy RGietema,

    I'll try to make these at home, thanks for the recipe. Can I use vegetarian frikandels as well, you think?


    2 years ago

    Hi Ronja, I love frikandelbread! It looks so nice, and I'll definitely try it at home!