Introduction: Frisbee Golf & Drone Gates

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My friends and I like to play Frisbee Golf (Folf) and fly FPV drones. We wanted a portable, easy to set up and inexpensive course for our picnics and camping trips. This is what I came up with.


Step 1: Materials

Materials :

Plastic buckets and lids. Sometimes free from a nearby restaurant but cheap enough from stores

Garden plant hangers. I got mine on sale but cheap enough at almost any home and garden outlet

Cord/rope. Pick you size, color and material

Step 2: Tools and Such


Measuring device

Drill and driver

Marking pens


Lighter for burning the ends of the cord if you think you need to

Step 3: Marking and Prep

Mark where the holes will go for the cord and remove the o-ring seal if necessary

Step 4: Initial Assembly

Drill holes large enough for the cord to fit through

Push the cord through and tie so the cord won't pull through

Mark the gate/hole numbers

Step 5: Assembly and Setup

I created double loops and attached the lid/loop assemblies to the garden hangers and finally used one of the left over buckets to hold my frisbees and discs.

Bonus was being able to fly my quadcopters through the course when I needed a break from throwing


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