Introduction: Invasion of the Toothbot

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Like many I use one of the motorized toothbrushes. I finally decided to take it apart to how it worked. Little did I know it was simpler than I imagined. And I got parts to use when building one of the Electronics class's projects....Score

Step 1: In the Beginning

Start by removing the brush tail/battery cover. Then simply pull the battery, motor and all the other works straight out with a pair of pliers.

Step 2: The Innards Revealed

It turns out the on/off buttons are simple a rocker switch that lets the battery complete the circuit or push it away to break the circuit. The magic that moves the brushes is NOT a mechanical link but merely the vibrations caused when the unbalanced weight at the end of the motor rotates.

Step 3: All the Parts Side by Side - Ready for Reuse

I ended up taking apart two old tooth brushes to see the interior of the handle better.

Hope you all enjoyed the instructable and save your tooth brushes for future reuse/re-purposing.