Introduction: Frog Gig

This is another survival weapon from me. This is an awesome weapon which can be quickly made, but frogs don't have much meat. You could split it again and use it to spear fish. This is tricky because of refraction and you have to aim below them.

Step 1: Find Stuff

For this you will need
A mallet or something like that, I used a metal bar
A knife, I used a Schrade survival knife but you could use a hatchet
A long straight sick, I used a broken flagpole
And paracord to keep it together or you could use yucca rope
Pine pitch (optional) I won't use this because I don't want to ruin a pan

Step 2: Split

Take your knife and put it in the middle of the stick. Rock it back and forth until it stays in. Take your mallet and pound it in. After you are 6 inches into the stick put your small twig above it and break the ends off (see last two pics)

Step 3: Sharpen

Sharpen the prongs. Make sure you have sharpened the inside and out. If you don't it won't work well.

Step 4: Barbs

Add barbs to the prongs. This can be tricky but it is also optional. If you look at the second pic, you can pretty much see how I did it. All I know is I cut like that and then used the serrated part of the knife to cut the shavings off. That is my blood. I was being stupid and cut myself. If this was a real survival situation I would probably be dead. A small scrape especially on your hands could get infected and kill you. The first rule of survival is don't get hurt

Step 5: Wrap

Tie a clove hitch at the bottom of the split and wrap up to where the little sick is. This will kep it secured so if won't continue to split.

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