From 1GB to 14.8GB




Introduction: From 1GB to 14.8GB

I show you how to from 1GB(or more) make 16GB(14.8) whit SDATA Tool.

When you press "E-Compress NOW" Not close the application, this can cause damage to your device.

I try make more memory in:

  • SD Card;
  • USB Flash;
  • MP3 player;
  • Playstation Portable Memory Stick (work slower);
  • Computer hard disk (make 1GB disk and upgrade to 16GB).

Application link:

Application only to 4GB:

Step 1: Make More Memory

................ (1-7 in picture);

8. When you see message in application "Has been compressed With Sucessfully!" Press OK and reset application.

9. Now, when you open application and choose your data, you can make 8gb.

10. When this compressed to 8GB, reset application and then you can do 16GB.

If you want restore FORMAT DATA.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    16 GB will NOT compress to 1GB unless it's just raw text.....

    JPEGs will not compress, nor will ZIP files, etc.....