Introduction: From Book Shelf to Bed Frame

When we were looking for a king sized bed frame, the price in the furniture store surprised us, since there were not many options for us to choose according to our banking account. That was also where my converting an old book shelf to a bed frame idea started. The advantages of this project are the following: 1. Save money. Whole project could be under $100. 2. Easy operation. All you need are screws, screw driver, and some metal brackets 3. Strong. We have been using this frame two years and moved once. It is still lying under my mattress. 4. Light weight. One person can carry it with no problems. Note: 1 Electric screw driver will come handy. 2 lining up the screws should be crucial. 3 put extra screws on the bottom of your box spring will prevent the bed from sliding around.

Step 1: Unused Book Shelves

Step 2: Lying Down

Step 3: Arrange the Boards Evenly

Step 4: Screw the Brackets

Step 5: Almost There

Step 6: Mattress On!

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