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Introduction: From Tights to Socks

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After Halloween my mom bought a ton of costumes and decor. And with that were these tights... that were unfortunately to small for me. If I actually read the label it would have read a size 12-14. I was fourteen 3 years ago, and I have grown up a little bit since then. (like a 1/4 of an inch on a good day)

* too small tights
(a size that fits will work to)
*sewing machine with matching thread
*straight pins
* 1/2 inch elastic

Step 1: Cut Cut Cut

Since my tights were striped I just lined up the last stripe with one on the board and cut an inch higher. Then I tried on the freshly cut sock and marked my leg were it stopped. With the elastic I mesured my leg at that point. Not the most scientific method of mesurement but it still works. I made sure that it was tight enough to stay on my leg but loose enough to not cut my leg off.

Step 2: They Turned Into Socks!

At this point cut two lengths of elastics and butt (lol butt)the ends together with a zig zag stitch. Turn the socks inside out and place the elastic around the sock. Pick a point and fold over the sock with the elastic tucked inside the fold. Stretch the sock and elastic somewhat evenly all around the top. Because my tights were striped I made sure the edges lined up with the top of the next black stripe. I made sure that i took my time when sewwing the edge that it caught it and that I didn't sew into the white stripe. (good band ^_^) As I sewed the edge I made sure I stretched it before continued sewing around it. The top edge turn out to be a little stretched when finished, but when I put them on I could not tell. I just repeated all of these steps again for the other leg.

And there you have it, a quick way of turning tights to socks. (:

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