Front Carrier Rack for Bicycle With Suspension Fork and Disk Brakes

Introduction: Front Carrier Rack for Bicycle With Suspension Fork and Disk Brakes

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I wanted to buy a front rack for a mountain bike with suspension fork and disk brakes. I could only find one from Old man mountain for $220, plus shipping which seemed extortionate, so Idecided to modify a back rack from Decatholon which cost 25 euros and was made in switzerland. It wasn't actually that difficult and has worked well so far...

Step 1:

Step 2: Execution

To modify this rack I used the tools pictured, which I had on a cycle trip around Spain, and a couple medium sized washers I found on the road.
First it is necessary to flatten the stainless steel braket that the rack arms bolt to to be able to run the quick release skewer through them. I used plyers but hammering on a chunk of metal would work too.
When you get the angle right you can slide the quick release bolt through it. You may need (as I did) washers to not tweak the quick release. WIth the added length of the washers and brakets you may need to get a longer QR.
Next take the long stainless brakets (designed to attach the rack to the frame behind the seat  post) and bend them at a funky new angle to bend around the suspension fork and bolt onto the back of it with the bolt designed to attach a mud guard. Cut off the exess with a hack saw or some such and tighten it all down.
Good luck!

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    Question 3 years ago on Introduction

    The bottom silver mount at the shock/wheel axle, where did you get this from?