Introduction: Frosty the Snowman: Pallet Wood Lawn Ornament

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Make this Frosty The Snowman lawn ornament using mostly pallet wood and a scroll saw.

This limited-tools project is a lot of fun and easy to build!


  • Scroll Saw (Any brand but I use a Dewalt 788)
  • Drill (Any brand but I use a Ryobi 18V)
  • Benchtop Disc Sander (or some other sanding tool... or just sandpaper)
  • Hacksaw (to cut the metal stake that holds him up)


  • Three pallet wood boards (or any kind of wood boards)
  • A small piece of plywood (12" x 12")
  • 2x4 (two 4" segments... 8" total length)
  • Metal stake (rebar or small metal tube)
  • Wood glue (Titebond II)
  • Construction adhesive (PL Premium 3x Stronger)
  • Clamps (Irwin brand)

Craft Supplies*

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Step 1: Cut Shapes With a Scroll Saw & Paint


Download and print the pattern.*

Apply spray adhesive to the back of the paper printout and adhere it to the wood.

Scroll Saw Cutting

Cut the shapes with a scroll saw. Remove the paper when done. The paper should just peel off.

Sand edges as needed using the sanding tools/materials you have.


Use either house paint, artist tube paints, or spray paint. Leave the back side of the pieces unpainted so the glue will more easily adhere to the pieces.

* The top hat and flower shape I drew freehand and these shapes do not appear in the pattern zip file. Please do the same for your version because it's nice to add a personal touch. I used 1/2" thick plywood for the top hat because pallet wood boards are not wide enough and joining boards can be a complicated process. Again... I wanted this to be easy to build.

Step 2: Prepare the Body


Paint two pallet wood boards white. Leave the portion at the top (about 4 inches in the area under the location of the tophat) unpainted because you'll glue to the top hat to this area at a later step. Again, do not paint the back side of the boards.


Cut a small piece of pallet wood, approximately 3" x 5" and use wood glue to connect both pieces on the unpainted back side of the boards. Position this about 1/3 the distance from the bottom. Hold it with clamps until the glue dries.

Step 3: Prepare the Metal Stake

Rebar or Metal Pipe

Cut a piece of rebar or metal pipe 16 inches in length. This will be used to stick in the ground and hold Frosty The Snowman upright in your yard.

2x4 segments

Cut a 2x4 into two 4" segments.

Drill a hole through one 2x4 segment. Use a drill bit slightly larger than the rebar rod or metal pipe you cut earlier.

Drill a hole halfway through the other segment.

Assemble Stake

Place the rebar/metal pipe through holes in both 2x4 segments. Use some construction adhesive to ensure the rebar or metal pipe stays attached to the Frosty The Snowman character.

Glue to the back of the body with wood glue and hold the pieces in place with clamps while the glue dries.

You're now ready for the final assembly! :-)

Step 4: Final Assembly

Top Hot

Use wood glue and clamps to attach the top hat. Remember, the top of the pallet board should be unpainted so the glue can bond both wood surfaces.

Facial features/scarf/buttons

Use E6000 glue to bond the wood pieces to the acrylic painted pallet boards.

That's it! You're done! Proudly display your Frosty The Snowman character in your yard so everyone can enjoy his smiling face!