Introduction: Frozen Fruit Salad

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Ever since we got a popsicle mold we have tried a variety of fruit popsicles. But my little one always asks for rainbow popsicle. They are gorgeous and really simple to make. Yet we have to wait for every single layer to freeze so they don’t mix together!

So I started looking for easy ways to make something equivalent to a rainbow popsicle. Something that is colorful, bright, chill, healthy, and something that is fun to eat. I got this idea to try with an ice cube mold and tried immediately.

A healthy frozen fruit bowl. No added color, sugar, or artificial flavor. Made just with fruit puree. Read on to see how I did this cute little project.


  1. Ice cube tray
  2. Small food processor
  3. 7 or 8 different colored fruits(more details in the next section)
  4. Milk

Step 1: Selection of Fruits

The most important part of this recipe is selecting the fruits according to the colors needed.

We made a quick hunt in our fridge and selected a few fruits that will yield these colors.

  1. Red - Raspberry
  2. Pink - Raspberry + milk
  3. Yellow - Orange fruit
  4. Orange - Orange fruit + carrot
  5. Dark Purple - Blueberry
  6. Light Purple - Blueberry +milk
  7. Purple- Grapes
  8. Brown - Banana
  9. Green - Green grapes
  10. Green (With black dots) - Kiwi
  11. White - Milk

We only need a small amount of each of the ingredients. A handful of pieces is more than enough to make 3 or 4 cubes.

I want to mention here that orange fruit that we had yielded only a yellow puree. Thus for orange color, we mixed a patch of carrot.

Here are some more colorful options to consider - Papaya, Cherry, Mango, Dragon fruit, Plums, watermelon, and strawberry.

Step 2: Puree the Fruits and Fill the Tray

The whole process can be summarised in a line.

Puree the fruits with the food processor one by one and pour it in the Ice cube tray. Most importantly, Wash the jar between batches.

Step 3: Try Variations

I want to share a few more variations that you can try

1. Milk is a great option to bring shades of color. I made pink color just by mixing raspberry puree with a spoon of milk.

2. You can also add fruit pieces inside the purees. I added kiwi's center part over kiwi puree. Some more fruits with beautiful textures - dragon fruit, strawberry, raspberry, and Orange.

3. Some fruit purees are very thick and they don't mix even if added one above the other - like Banana puree, orrange+ carrot puree. You can try multicolored blocks with these kinds.

4. You can add flavors to some fruits to make it more delicious ex: The peanut butter with banana puree, Honey with Pear puree, Ginger/ mint with orange puree, etc.

Step 4: Freeze for a Few Hours

Place the mold in the freezer, it may take approximately 2-3 hours for the purees to turn solid.

Step 5: Serve

Once the fruits are solid, take it out of the freezer and leave it at room temperature for a couple of minutes. Twist and turn the tray upside down over a big bowl or plate. All the fruit blocks will easily slide out.

I couldn't click many pics as we wanted to eat before it melts. But it was surely a visual delight.

You can simply pick and eat with your hands or use a spoon to slice it and eat. I tasted all the fruits and loved each one of them except raspberry.

Banana, orange, and kiwi were so awesome. The whole plate was finished in no time by me and my little one. I am sure I had the most!

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