Introduction: Fruit Bowls

First instructable, I'm welcome to suggestions and criticisms. 

Easy to make fruit bowl also known as a fruit salad, sure to dazzle any crowd.

Step 1: Cut and Clean Your Fruit

Cut your cantaloupe or other fruit in half. If you are using a full-sized Watermelon cut off about a third for your "bowl."

Try to keep your cut neat on at least on half, it will make the bowl look nicer for later.

Scoop the seeds out of the cantaloupe, you can throw them away unless you want to try and grow some later...

Step 2: Making the Balls

I used a 1/4 tsp rounded measuring spoon (left) to make my balls, you can use a small coffee spoon (right) but you might end up with egg shaped balls. If you are using a Watermelon you can use a soup spoon, but it makes fairly large balls and is more challenging.

Put you utensil flat to the fruit and push the utensil flat down firmly into the fruit (or else you'll just get half a ball!). Then slide the utensil around, using the curve of it to form a good looking ball. It might take a couple of tries, but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Continue this process until you can't make any more balls. If you carve them in an organized fashion you can usually make plenty of balls, and then you have some extra that you can eat yourself!

Step 3: Making the Bowl

Using a large spoon, carve out the rest of the fruit leaving the outer edge of skin, thick enough to be a bowl for the balls you made earlier.

Make sure you don't puncture the skin or else you will have a leaky bowl, but that's why you have two halves.

Step 4: Make It Look Fancy

Take a knife and cut little snips in to the edge of your "bowl."

Step 5: Finished

Fill your fruit bowl, stick some fancy toothpicks in there and wow your friends.

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