Introduction: Fruit KaBobs

Heres how to make a delicious snack thats tasty, and healthy great for at home or on the go.
Behold the Fruit Kabob=)

Step 1: Ingredients

1.A skewer
2.All the fruits you can eat
3. a craving for somthing healthy and sweet.=)

Step 2: The Kabob

Now to add your fruits here are some tips to make a delicious fruit kabob.
1.Dont put more than one of the same fruits together try layering them.
2Try to make a pattern with your fruits.
3.Chilled fruits taste best.
4.You can coat them in caramel or peanut butter to add a bit of pizazz.
5.try to make uniqe combinations of fruits.

Step 3: The End

Idea by knovak in collaboration with ilikepie=)
Well thats all folks.

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