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I love everything rainbow and when I saw someone post rainbow ice cream, I instantly loved it! I thought it was fun, but thought it could be even more fun if it was flavored. Since I have a pantry full of Torani syrups, I figured it would be fun to look through them and see what fruity flavors I have and make a fruity rainbow ice cream with them. You can try this yourself with any variety of flavors you want.

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Step 1: What You Need

I'm using Jessyratfink's No Churn Ice Cream as the base.


  • 2 cups of heavy whipping cream
  • 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract - I actually debated just leaving this out, this I would say is optional since you are flavoring it
  • 2 -3 Tbsp of each Torani flavor (if you are using 5 different flavors) - you can change this up, of course, I'll talk more about this in the next step, I used 2 Tbsp and you get a very subtle flavor, you could do more, but don't go overboard
    • I'm using Cherry, Tangerine, Mango, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry
  • Food Coloring - the flavoring isn't enough if you want this to be rainbow, you have to color it


  • Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer
  • Bowls and Spoons (for each color/flavor you do)
  • Container to freeze in - just make sure it's safe to put in the freezer and big enough, mine is about 9" by 5" or bigger

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Step 2: Flavors

I have been accumulating Torani's for quite a while now. I have bought them from a variety of places including Amazon, World Market, Ross Dress for Less, and Smart and Final (in my opinion, the best deal is to buy a lot at Smart and Final at once as the price goes down once you buy 5 or so at a time).

I originally was getting them for my Frappuccinos but I couldn't resist getting a variety of flavors. Though, I was never quite sure what to do with the fruit ones, I decided to finally whip them out and use them!

Since the flavors don't really color the ice cream anyway, you don't actually have to match of flavors and colors. So work with what you have.

Also, Blueberry Torani appears to be purple not blue so keep that in mind.

Step 3: Mix

Time to mix!

This is pretty straightforward, put your heavy whipping cream in your mixer and mix until stiff peaks. Don't go overboard, you're going to be mixing in flavors and colors too so you don't want to go crazy. I also put my bowl in the fridge beforehand so it would help keep the whipping cream cold.

Then add in the sweetened condensed milk and vanilla if you are using it. Stir carefully until combined.

Step 4: Add Color and Flavor

Seperate the mix into bowls so you have one for each color/flavor. I have 5.

Mix in 2 Tbsp of each flavor and a drop or two of coloring into each bowl. I used a gel coloring and didn't need much at all to get the colors shown. Remember, the flavorings will barely color it as shown in the 3rd and 4th image.

Do this for all the bowls. I actually put them in the fridge after I mixed each to keep them cold, but I don't think you have to. Just don't dilly dally.

Step 5: Combine

Now that you have all the colors, it's time to combine them. I started with red, went in rainbow order and just added a gob at a time. Don't go too small and don't use too much.

You can run a knife through it to marble it, but personally I'm not a fan of that. I like the blob look and I think it scoops well.

Put it in the freezer to freeze. Will take at least a few hours, it's pretty thick.

Step 6: Freeze and Enjoy

Once it has set, scoop it up, dish it out, and enjoy!

Remember, with 5 colors, as it melts the colors will combine and get muddy. Don't expect it to be beautiful forever so eat up and enjoy!

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