Introduction: Fruit Sundae

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Please read everything before doing anything. What you will need: A bowl. A spoon. A knife. Cutting board. Ice cream. Fruit. Sprinkles. Chocolate syrup. And any additional topping(s) you want. You can use whatever fruit and/or ice cream you want for your Fruit Sundae. I used strawberries, a peach, and a banana as my fruits and Turkey Hill's Mint Chocolate Chip (my personal favorite) and Homestyle Vanilla. You can use any amount as well. Depending on how big your fruit is and how much will determine your proportions. I had small strawberries so I used 5, a peach a little bigger than a tennis ball so I used half (ate the other half), and the entire banana. I had two small scoops of each type of ice cream.

Step 1: Cut Your Fruit

I will gives steps according to my choices. Please read everything before doing anything. Banana: Peal and place in the bowl. Peach: Cut your peach in half. Choose which ever half you want and keep cutting in halves until the slices are the thickness you want. Then, you cut the slices into smaller pieces like in the picture. Strawberries: Cut off the top. You can choose to cut your berries however you like. I cut them like a deck of cards. With the top of the strawberry facing you, start cutting thin slices from one side to the other. Not sure if you can tell in the picture. *please do not put any other fruit but the banana in the bowl. Once you are done cutting your fruit, place it on a plate or to the side of the cutting board out of the way.

Step 2: Scoop the Ice Cream

With only the banana in the bowl, scoop however many scoops of ice cream into it.

Step 3: Finish It Off

Finally, take your cut-up fruit and put it on top of your ice cream. Add sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and any other toppings you desire to finish it off.

Step 4: Eat Up!!

Eat up and enjoy!

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