Introduction: Fruit Thumbprint Cookies

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These Fruit-filled Thumbprint Cookies are quick & easy to make, and don't require very many ingredients. The cookies are simplistic, consisting only of flour, butter, sugar, and vanilla. But put them together with fruit jam, and you add a whole other level of taste. Serve with tea or enjoy anytime!

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Step 1: Ingredients

2 cups flour

⅔ cup sugar

1 cup butter, softened

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Fruit Jam of your choice


Confectioners Sugar

Step 2: Preheat

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Step 3: Cream It

Cream butter, sugar, and vanilla, in the bowl of a stand mixer.

Step 4: Mix It

Add the flour, and mix until incorporated. Using your hands, squeeze dough into a ball.

Step 5: Shape It

Shape dough into balls, and place each onto a baking sheet. Using your thumb, press into the center of each one, making a crater good enough for fruit jam to fit into. But don’t put the jam in yet--be patient and wait until the dough is baked.

Step 6: Bake It

Bake cookies in preheated oven for 14 - 18 minutes until cookies are slightly golden. Take out of oven and let cool for a minute.

Step 7: Fill It

Then, using a spoon, carefully place bits of fruit jam into the center of each cookie. Let cool a few more minutes to room temperature before consuming.

Step 8: Consume It