Introduction: Full Course Watermelon Meal for Two!

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If you have that special someone who loves watermelon or are a maniac about the best fruit in the world, then this instructables is for you! I´ll be showing you how to take one large watermelon and transform it into a full course meal.

When I made this instructables I put each food item in the order that you would eat it. However, I recommend that you start off with making the Sobert (Takes the longest), then the Salad, the Juice, and finally the Steak which needs to be served warm. Enjoy! :) Don't forget to vote!

Step 1: Cutting and De-Seeding the Watermelon

If you have a watermelon with seeds then you are going to want to follow these steps to make sure you won´t be eating the seeds later on. If you have a seedless watermelon I would still recommend that you read this and go along because it´s quite interesting.

NOTE: If you want a very good and in depth Instructables on how to de-seed a watermelon heres the link: I will be going to show how to do it but it isn´t going to be as in depth.

Step 1.) Cut off the ends of your watermelon so that you have two shallow bowls

Step 2.) Place the watermelon on one of its cut ends and then cut strips of 2.5 inches down the side of the watermelon making sure to follow the contour of the shape.

Step 3.) Once you have cut all the rind off you can then cut the watermelon in half (if it´s large)

Step 4.) If you have done everything correctly you should see a ring of seeds in the middle. On the outside of this ring is where you are going to need to cut your steaks since there won´t be any seeds.Cut as many as you need (I am only making two).

Step 5.) Next cut the watermelon vertically in 1 inch sections

Step 6.) Take the slices and break them along the seed line. Usually there is more than one seed line.

Step 7.) Using a spoon scrape out the seeds and place them into a bowl

Done! Now you should have four different parts of watermelon, the steaks, large pieces that remained after de-seeding, small pieces that remained after de-seeding, and the seeds and tiny pieces of watermlon.

Here is what you´ll do with each:

Steak Pieces: Steak, Duh :)

Large Pieces that remained after de-seeding: These will be cubed up for Salad and Sorbet

Small Pieces that remained after de-seeding: Juice (blender)

Seeds and tiny bit of watermelon: Juice (hand mashed)

Step 2: Making the Juice and Ice

When I made this instructables I didn´t have a blender handy so I made all my juice by mashing Watermelon by hand. I wouldn´t recommend it. It sucks. If you have a blender use it!

Step 1.) Take your small pieces of Watermelon that remained after de-seeding and put them into the blender and chop em up! If you don´t have a blender like me then just put them in a bowl and use a potato masher.

Step 2.) Using a strainer pour the liquid into a container.

Step 3.) Take your seeds and tiny bits of watermelon and put them into a bowl and mash them by hand. You don´t have to do this but if you want to get as much juice as possible you should.

Step 4.) Now depending on how many pieces of small Watermelon that you have you may or may not have enough juice for your liking. But fear not! Later on you will have pieces of Watermelon that went unused and these you can use to make juice.

Step 3: Making the Salad With Chervil

Ahh the salad :) It´s so simple :D


5 Tbs Lime Juice

2 Tbs Chopped Red Onion

2 1/4 Cups Cubed Watermelon

3 Tbs Feta Cheese

1/4 tps Celantro

1/2 tps Chervil

Salt and Pepper

Step 1.) Put Lime Juice and Red Onion into a small container. This will be the dressing. Add it to your salad later on.

Step 2.) Combine Watermelon, Feta Cheese, Celantro, and Chervil in a large bowl and toss the salad. Add salt and Pepper to your liking

Step 3.) Boom you´re done. Give yourself a high-five. You deserve it.

Step 4: Cooking the Steak With Chervil

Ok, the steak is pretty easy too.


2 Tbs Olive Oil

2 Watermelon Steaks

Whatever you want on it, may I recommend some Chervil? ;)

Salt and Pepper

Step 1.) Pour the Olive Oil into the Pan and wait until it begins to smoke

Step 2.) Place your steaks in the pan. Be careful, it begins to sizzle like crazy and hot oil splashes up!

Step 3.) Using a preferably long spatula, apply pressure to the steaks every so often to try to compress it and intensify the flavor. After 3-4 minutes flip it over, or when the steak has a nice sear.

Step 4.) Congratulations your done! Don´t forget to garnish it and serve warm!

Step 5: Making the Sobert

Almost done!


1 3/4 Cups of Watermelon

1/4 Cup Yogurt

1 Tbs Sugar

Step 1.) Take about 1 3/4 Cups of Watermelon and freeze them. Because I didn´t have a blender when I made this I cut my watermelon into thing slices so that it would be easier for me to break the ice by hand. While it´s freezing you should go and make the Salad and Juice.

Step 2.) Once frozen take your watermelon and place it into the blender with the Yogurt and Sugar OR if you don´t have a blender place the Watermelon into a bowl and break it up with a fork and then place the Yogurt and Sugar in and mix. Make sure you get a soft but not watery texture.

Step 3.) Place the Sorbet into two bowls and place back into the fridge.

You did it! You´ve made an entire meal with one Watermelon! Good Job!

Step 6: End Results (Photos)

As you notice you can use the rind as a serving plate! Hope you enjoyed!

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