Introduction: Fully Customizable 3D Box Design

When you want to box something with a dedicated/customized box, this fully customizable 3D design in Fusion 360 can help you.

You can use this basic design, customize the length, width, height and even customize the number of fingers on each leg and the size of the fingers.


  • Fusion 360 ( it is free to use for hobbyists )
  • material for the box ( wood/plastic ... )
  • glue for the material
  • lasercutter

Step 1: Measure What You Want to Box

Get the correct dimensions for you design.

Step 2: Adjust the Basic Model in Fusion 360

The model can be fully customized, see the screenshot for the parameters to set.

  • length of the box
  • width of the box
  • height of the box
  • thickness: the material thickness
  • lfingers: number of fingers for the length dimension
  • wfingers: number of fingers for the width dimension
  • hfingers: number of fingers for the height dimension

Step 3: Export You Design for Laser Cutting

Here you will find a great video about how to get from a 3D model in Fusion 360 to a laser-cut compliant file.

Youtube instructions

Step 4: Laser Cut Your Design

Step 5: Prepare and Glue Your Material