Introduction: Fun Cork Necklace

I like natural materials. Long ago I found a cork block that is used to hold the sand paper and I was fascinated with it. I cut some pieces and began with my necklace project. I named this necklace "The Lift", because it looks as if a lift is going down.

Step 1: Materials

A piece of cork (mine is 3 x 1.5 x 1.0 cm)

Sanding block or sand paper

2 untreated wooden beads (mine are 0.5 cm diameter)


Craft knife

Long rounded leather or cotton cord that fits through the wooden beads.

Drilling machine

Drill bit 0.5 cm diameter

Drill bit (same diameter of the wooden bead's hole)

Round sanding file (optional)

Step 2: Cut Your Cork Block

I found out that it is a bit dangerous to use a craft knife, so I used a normal kitchen knife because the blade did not bend while cutting. But if you are very careful, a craft knife will do the job more accurately.

I then used the sand paper to get rid of rough edges and give my cork block a smooth appearance, since I am going to leave it as it is, without painting it or protecting it with polish or such.

Step 3: Drill Bit Time

This step looks a bit tricky but if you drill the cork slowly, it will work because you will drill a hole the same diameter as a toothpick, longwise until you reach the other side of the cork. If you concentrate, you will easily drill it straight, although it doesn't have to be perfect either. This hole must have the same diameter of your leather or cotton cord.

The next drilling is for fitting the wooden bead to the cork. My bead has 0.5 cm diameter, so I used a drilling bit of 0.5 cm diameter. I chose to make the hole in the first third of the cork block, but you may choose the middle if you want. I used a rounded file to make the hole look smooth and clean.

Step 4: Let's Build the Lift In.

Taking care that the wooden bead has its holes facing up and down, fit it in the cork and when it is near the center, use a toothpick to align its holes with the main hole ( must be laughing now with the way how I tried to explain the whole hole thing. Maybe it's better to guide yourself with the photos.)

Once the holes are aligned, it's time to slide a short piece of cord through the whole construction. To make it more interesting, I took another bead and attached it with a knot at the end of the cord.

I attached the long cord to the one that holds the lift and I finished my lift necklace.

Few loved it, others suggested that a golden bead makes a better impression, others suggested colors, more adornments, glas beads, etc.

Of course you may modify it as you wish. All your ideas make the project a fun one.