Introduction: Fun Emoji Magic

It’s called Fun Emoji Magic. It is something you can do at home on a day that you feel bored or have nothing to do. You can design it however you want and be creative with it.


- construction paper
- pencil
- black sharpie
- ruler
- circular object
- scissors

Step 1: Using a Ruler Cut Out a 15cm by 15cm Square Shape

Step 2: Take One Corner of Your Square and Fold It in Half Creating a Triangle.

Step 3: Again Take One of the Corners of Your Triangle As Shown in the Pictures to Form a Small Right Triangle.

Step 4: Open Up the Triangle to a Square Again. Place Your Index Finger to the Middle of Your Square. Grab a Corner and Fold It to the Center of Your Square. Repeat This Process With All Four Corners.

Step 5: Next, Open Up Your Square Again and Flip It Over to the Other Side. Take One Side of Your Square and Fold It to the Middle, Do It Again to the Next Side.

Step 6: Open Up Your Square and Turn Your Square to a Side You Haven't Used Before. Repeat Step 5.

Step 7: This Is Going to Get a Little Tricky. So Watch and Follow Carefully. Let Your Square Open Up on It's Own. Using Your Index Figure Push in So That the Edges Close in According to the Crease You Have Created. Turn Your Work Around and Do the Same

Step 8: Using a Pencil and Your Circular Object Draw a Circle. Lifting 2 of the Flaps Draw a 1/2 Circle at the Bottom. Again Lifting the Other 1/2 Draw Another 1/2 Circle.

Step 9: Once This Is Done Draw a Nice Smiley Face on the First Side. Continue Making Your Own Creations So That With Each Flip You Have a New Facial Expression.

Step 10: Start Flipping the Corners and You Will See Your Smiling Face Move on It's Own, Like Magic. Enjoy and Have Lots of Fun With It!